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Monday Morning

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There is nothing worse than waking up on Monday morning and realising you have got to go to school. Even thinking about it makes me want to cry!

But hang on in there my people….. it is just a few weeks to the summer, where school disappears, teachers go off to their caves,  and every day is an adventure to be shared with you best friends.

Death to school…..  Long live the summer!

Your ever loving Poots xxx


Poots imageNot made a post for a while, I have been trying to read a book, which has taken a lot longer than I thought it would. There must have been 12 words or even more…..how ridiculus.

Anyway I was going to ask about wet weather…… what’s it for?

I wil leave you with that question whilst I go to find a some fish.



Almost Over

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Well we are nearly at the end. The World cup is almost over for another lifetime.

The quality has been poor, but the excitement high. It strangely seems to have mirrored the English Premier League (or the EPL for you Americans).

We are down to the last two teams, for the chance to be the Champions of the Earth. You have to say Germany are favorites given their demolition of Brazil. Argentina are probably worthy of a finals spot, Colombia might feel a little sore, but it is a fair final.

Only Messi can save Argentina, and if he does he will have cemented his place in history as one of the top 3 players every to play the game, along with Pele and Maradona. Whether he is the best or not will only be known when he retires. But the win will take him above the likes of Cruyff and Ronaldo (big and little).

Let the battle commence and……..

“Los geht’s Deutschland, kämpfen und siegen!”

England oh England oh poop!

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Well that’s it for another 4 years! Supporting England is no fun. I live in Antarctica, I could support anybody, but for some reason I have chosen to follow England.

I am going back to supporting the winners. That way I am never disappointed.

I think that it is going to be Germany this year. I know Brazil are at home and Argentina have Messi, but the Germans have a strong team front to back, and at the later stages, you need to have quality throughout the team…..

I better stop now, I sound like a two-bit football pundit!

Chat soon…

Brand New Free Game

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I see that a new game has appeared on the Snow Falls Gang website (and you can get to it above). It has me (that’s Poots) trying to find my breakfast hidden in a maze.


I can have up to 5 fish…….. that is like more than 4!!!!!

Have a try, its free and I need the fish because I am wasting away to nothing.

Homework excuses for the weekend

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It’s that time of the week again, where thoughts turn to the age old problem of explaining why your homework is nowhere to be found. This time we have the added problem that it is the end of half term, so more homework and higher teacher expectations just because you have had a week to do it. This logic is obviously nonsense, as with that extra time you also have to do a lot more important stuff!

Anyway, given the unrealistic expectations of completion we need to come up with a belter. This one needs a bit of work, and rather than an excuse it really relies on misdirection.

You have to pretend you have gone mad!

I would start by wearing underwear on you head. If you can, walk into the classroom backwards singing ‘If I only had a brain’ from the Wizard of Oz. If you can’t sing, even better. You can then use your imagination for the conversation that follows. Speak in tongues, only use colours, don’t say anything at all, just smile and dribble a little….. Are all possibles.

Depending on how believable you are and how trusting your teacher is, you may have to keep it up for 10mins to several hours. But if it gets you out of a weeks worth of homework, it will be worth it.

Good luck.

Homework excuses for the weekend

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Now, I know that for most of you hardworking students next week is half-term, and that you will be having a well deserved rest after many weeks of the torture that is sometimes known as school. But I thought I would add this excuses to the collection, and maybe you can use it at some future date.

Dear Sir/Miss (delete as appropriate), after I had spent about 36 hours of hard work on my Maths/History——– (include your necessary subjects) I left my paper in the sitting room next to the fireplace for safe keeping.

As you will know, it started to get very cold on Sunday afternoon, and I came into the sitting room to see my Mother lighting the fire. Great I thought, I will be able to snuggle up with my favourite Wibbly Pig toy, a nice hot chocolate and watch the TV. But imagine my horror when I noticed that my short sighted Mother had used my homework to help light the fire, and all I have left is this little corner.

(At this point produce a little piece of burnt paper – bat your eyelids and enter into one of your best smiles).