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Barney mug shot

I have to apologise to England and Spain for supporting them. The fact they were 2 of the first teams out of the WC is probably a coincidence, but I still feel bad.

But to be fair, given the football they played, WC about sums it up!

Not sure where I should go now. I feel bad for the hosts if I continue to support them, but they will always have a chance given the refereeing.

Germany are looking good, Holland can beat everybody, including themselves and Argentina have Messi, who if he plays as he can could win the WC on his own.

I am gong to leave it after the group stage to make a call…… because as Polar Bears go I am a chicken (with more fur).

Catch ya!

World Cup Is Here!

Barney mug shot

The World Cup is finally here. I just couldn’t wait, and now I don’t have to!

A team from Antarctica didn’t make it this time around, and also my home town of the Arctic doesn’t have a representative, so I am going to have to choose another team to support.

I like supporting underdogs, but at the end of the day I also like supporting the teams who are going to win. I normally wait until the final and pick one of the two teams, but this year I am going to pin my fur to the mast.

So I am supporting England, Brazil and Spain. Two of them because they are the best teams on the planet, and the other because I feel sorry for the players only being on £100k a week…..poor loves.

Come on England…Brazil….Spain!!!!!!!